We speak of heroes and courage

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replica celine handbags We speak of freedom and justice. We speak of heroes and courage. We are told stories by Presidents of the sacrifice Americans made and the lives we lost to win the battles and protect our freedoms. Sales hit the $1 billion (595 million pounds) mark for the first time last year, more than triple what they were two years earlier, making it the top specialty retailer in the $14.5 billion women’s activewear market in the United States.But Lululemon’s 2 percent growth in same store sales a key measure of performance for retailers lagged the womenswear market’s 9 percent rise, according to NPD Group. Business, which represents two thirds of sales.Lululemon declined to comment for this story. But Chief Executive Officer Laurent Potdevin admitted to investors last month that Lululemon is “not the only game in town anymore.”The company’s image is still recovering from the yoga pants recall and a controversy in November when founder Dennis “Chip” Wilson said some women’s shapes “actually don’t work” with Lululemon’s yoga pants.YouGov BrandIndex, which scores consumer perception of brands on a scale of minus 100 to plus 100, said Lululemon’s score was 8, well below the +15 before the controversy. replica celine handbags

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