Tina Fontaine’s cousin dies after being shot in head

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Hermes Kelly Replica Another man has been charged with murder in Tina’s case and is currently awaiting trial.’I just want her safe’Last month, the girls’ cousin, Jeanenne Fontaine, 29, died after being shot in the back of the head in a Winnipeg house that was set on fire.”(Sarah) talked about it. She just wanted to know what was happening to the Fontaine family why they were being murdered,” Favel recalled.Tina Fontaine’s cousin dies after being shot in head https://www.fancyofferhandbag.com/ , home set on fire, family saysSarah Fontaine got pregnant after Tina was killed, Favel said, and had been living in a Winnipeg area home with her infant and receiving counselling for about a year.RCMP reported the girl missing last week. Favel said Sarah drove to Favel’s home.”She wanted to come back home here but she’s not ready Hermes Kelly Replica.

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